Start Your Own Home T-Shirt Business

Have you always wanted to own your own business? Or maybe have a home business to supplement your primary income?

A home T-shirt business is the perfect business to start. It is fun, creative, we all know some group who needs custom printed shirts, and it probably has the lowest investment needed of any of your options. All you need is a heat press, an outlet and about 3 feet of space.

Watch our recorded free webinar, “How to Start Your Home T-Shirt Business”. At this webinar we educate you on the basic details of starting any home business including: where will I set up shop, choosing a name for your business, deciding if you are the new business’s only employee or will you be hiring help, and most importantly, who will be your customers.

We then focus on the T-shirt business itself and start with some basic information about your only investment, the heat press. We talk about items specific to the T-shirt business including artwork and application. We have plenty of marketing tips to share with you so you know who you can sell to and will go over pricing, which is the key to your success, pricing for profit.

Good luck and let’s get started…

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