Sending us Your Artwork

If you have your own artwork that you want us to print, there are two different ways you can get it to us.   One is to use the upload area of the site, and the other is to add your art to Easy View, the online designer,

Uploading Your Art

The upload button is the easiest and best to use if you have artwork you want us to view to help make a recommendation. Simply attach your art file, verify your contact information and check the button that says,  not sure of artwork details right now.  Once the file is received we will call you to review what is needed, and give you a quote based on the information you provide.

The upload button is also the easiest way to send artwork that is ready to go as is. Start by attaching your artwork, verifying the contact information and filling out the print method, quantity, size, color, and the fabric type and color you will be using to apply the transfer. An instant quote will appear on the right.  If this looks good you can tell us to place the order upon receipt or still have us call to verify the details.

Adding Your Artwork To Easy View

Easy View is the best option to send us art if you will be adding text, or you would like to set up your own gang sheet. Login to the online designer and select the “add your artwork” button. This will bring the art into the design screen. If you will be ordering a screen-printed transfer, the dotted line on screen represents an 11.25” x 14” sheet, and you have this entire area to use for your art. Then select the Configure the Color Map button, and choose an ink color for each color represented in your art so we know what colors we will be printed.

If you will be using a digital transfer, you do not need to map colors. There are no gang sheets with digital transfers, so for this product you will be sending a single image.

If your art is not vector art, you will see a white box behind the image. This image will be removed for you when we do the order, but unfortunately can’t be removed in Easy View.

You can add text, clip art or layouts to the sheet using those buttons on the left. If their room on the sheet, you can use the duplicate button under object to add another of the same image.

Once you are done, you will see a quote on the right. If you are ready to order, add to cart on the bottom right. Or if you want to save it for later use the same design button on the right.

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