Tee’s the Season

The t-shirt, now more than ever, is the most popular item in your wardrobe.    For this reason, this is a great time to capture Christmas holiday sales with fun Christmas t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Matching Family PJ’s

Sell an entire family matching pajamas.   Order a t-shirt for the top and flannel pants for the bottom.  Customize one of our layouts (QHL-115) and print in red/black Goof Proof.      The various size prints can all be done on the same gang sheet.    I love how the Buffalo plaid in the hat coordinates with the pants.  If you need 5 or more of the same last name, add it to the layout.   Need another name, used an arch Express name.

Apparel Used

Raglan T DT6210/DT521011

Onsie RS4430

Pants DT1300

Festive Sayings

Nothing sells better that simple.   Use a layout like QAL-635 to express the feeling of the season.    Simple words in a nice font work well too.   Some ideas Merry & Bright, Believe, Ho Ho Ho, or just Merry Christmas all are best sellers.

Big and Little

Who can resist a matching mother/daughter or father/son t-shirt set?   For this reason, a very popular Easy Prints layout, QBK-235 is customized with the liquid of choice for both parent and child.   The best part, both print on the same gang sheet!

Full Color

Add some color and use our fastest growing full color transfer, UltraColor Soft.   These transfers are sold by the large 11.5 x 18 inch sheet size and you can put different designs on the same sheet!

Baby T’s

So cute, Christmas t-shirts for the baby in the family.    Using a 2 color Goof Proof Gang Sheet, all 5 of these designs were printed on one sheet.

Selling Your Custom T-shirts

Don’t forget to check out Spirit Sale as your ecommerce platform.   You can create mock-ups and set up your stores in no time.   A new store to reach each email list you have.    At each store, set an end date so you will have a good count, and get them all printed in time for Christmas.     Next,  use our fast, guaranteed turnaround and Speedy Air delivery for on time delivery.  Need more ideas?  Download our free e-book, “Heat Transfers for the Holidays” 

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