Thanking Our Military with a Military Discount

military discount


Transfer Express would like to thank our military for their service to our country with a special military discount on heat applied transfers.

Between our staff, family members, friends, and customers, most of us know someone who is in the military or has served.

We salute you and appreciate your bravery and willingness to defend our country and freedom.


Applying for the Military Discount

If you are an active member of the military, a veteran, retiree, reservist, or a registered military dependent, you are eligible for the Transfer Express 5% military discount.

Application for the discount is easy and fast.


military discount verification application


You only need to apply once and, once approved, your discount will be permanently applied to your account.

There are no promo codes needed.

To apply for the military discount, you just need your Military ID card. We work with a company to verify your military status.

Once you are approved, you will be notified quickly.

You can begin your application from your settings page once you are logged into your account on the Transfer Express website.

Use the military discount on all heat applied transfer products. The discount is not valid on apparel or heat press orders and cannot be combined with other discounts.


T-Shirt Businesses for Military Personnel and Family

A t-shirt business is a great business opportunity for members of the military or family members, such as spouses.

When printing t-shirts with just a heat press, your printing processes are lean and easy to operate from home or in a small space.



It’s also very portable for those who are on the move.

You can run a t-shirt business from just about anywhere.

The investment is low – all you need is a heat press.

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Then, just order the t-shirts and screen printed transfers you need for each order or run of shirts.


place your transfer


You can create custom shirts for groups, or create your own line of t-shirts to sell online, such as the shirts you see on Etsy, etc.

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Thank you for your service. We want to support your business and see you succeed.



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