The Ultimate Guide to Printing Shorts

Spring is just around the corner and your customers will be moving from custom hoodies, crewnecks and sweat pants, to t-shirts and shorts.    Offering shorts in your t-shirt business is a way to grow sales by selling more to the same customer.   And printing shorts is easy and economical.

Markets for Custom Shorts

We all wear shorts when exercising and as leisure wear during warm months.     Some target markets for custom printed shorts include:

Sports Teams


Schools (especially for physical education classes)

Events and Festivals

What size should I Make My Print?

For adult shorts going on the leg area, we recommend using about a 4×4 size for an adult short, and 3×3 for a women’s/youth short.     For a fashion look, you can do a taller design, but the width should remain either 3 or 4” so your design does not go under the leg area.

What Transfer to Use

The best transfer to use is based on material and quantity needed.   If you are doing a small quantity, UltraColor Max is a great option since it is priced by the square inch, and the printing cost will be under $1.    Most of your screen-printed transfer orders will have extra room on the sheet to place a short-sized image, printing for free.


Can I print mesh?

Yes, you can print mesh shirts.  Mesh shorts are popular, and the product choice will be based on the material.

The transfer adheres to the material and the holes will pop out in the laundry.    Some of the adhesive will poke though during application so be sure you have a cover sheet to catch the holes/adhesive behind the print, between the short layers.

Positioning the Print

Shorts can be a little hard to judge where the print should go since laying flat the leg is slanted.     Position as they will be worn, with your print perpendicular to the bottom of the leg.  The logo will be aligned with the bottom hem.     Make sure your print is also more towards the seam, so it doesn’t end up between the legs.    Now slide a quarter of a mouse pad behind the print area so the seams do not create pressure issues and press

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