Multi-Use Layouts Available Now in Easy View®

Create designs for any occasion with ALL NEW multi-use layouts, available now in Easy View® Online Designer. Whether it’s for sports teams, schools, or local businesses, these designs can be customized for any occasion!

Introducing ALL NEW Multi-Use Layout Designs in Easy View®

Customize these designs to meet any customer’s needs with Easy View® Online Designer. This powerful tool empowers you to easily personalize each design. Experiment with different fonts to convey the right tone, choose colors that align with the brand or event theme, or customize with a vast library of clip art. The possibilities are virtually limitless, allowing you to cater to any customer or market!

Check out our latest multi-use design layouts below!




Multi-Use Clip Art

Spotted a design that you like? Just punch in the design number into Easy View®, add it to your artboard, and start customizing! For help on designing in Easy View® and ordering your custom heat transfers, check out our video tutorial below.


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