The Unbelievable New Clip Art and Layout Added to Easy View


Mythology has intrigued us for thousands of years with mythological creatures symbolizing good and evil, so it’s no wonder the creatures of these ancient beliefs are still used today in popular culture, especially in t-shirt designs. We’ve had many requests recently to add popular mythological creatures to our Easy Prints® clip art collection.

This week, we’ve added four new clip art and a new design layout available to customize your heat transfer designs with these most popular creatures!

Choose this new layout, QMT-71, featuring the Phoenix clip art  (X2B-214) to symbolize renewal of life and immortality. Customize the text with your needed text and change the colors! The Phoenix and new Griffin clip art (x17a-1008) is commonly used as a school or sport team mascot or in business logos.


Do you believe in the Loch Ness monster? Even if you don’t, this legendary creature has been requested by customers to be a part of the Easy Prints layout collection and is a perfect and humorous addition to your customer’s t-shirt designs. This new clip art of Loch Ness  can be found in Easy View using this clip art number, X2F-116, in the Clip Art Search.

The most magical creature of them all was also chosen in this week’s new clip art! The adorable Unicorn clip art (X2H-55) , seen above, is available now for trendy t-shirt designs, as well as the perfect clip art for birthday parties and other fun events.

Create your heat transfers now using one of these new mythological clip art and layout! Start by registering with Transfer Express for access to Easy View®! You’ll find hundreds of design layouts ready to use any of these clip art to create a unique t-shirt design for your customers.





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