Wow Your Customer With A Free Art Proof in Just Seconds

Did you know you can send your customer a free art proof or several proofs within Easy View, your online designer? With the Share Feature you can see what your customer transfers will look like, check it out on apparel and directly email your customer a proof. There are also download and print options.

Showing Your Design On Apparel

1. Create your design on the art board

2.  Click the share option on the bottom right

3.  Choose from the apparel options, scroll, search or enter the desired item number

4.  At the top of the art board-choose download, email or print

5.  We chose the Email Selection-enter to, subject and message

6.  Choose Send

7.  If you want a close up of the art, you can send the same design not on the apparel. I recommend sending both

Showing the Back of the Apparel

The model shots of the apparel include the front side only.   If you want to show your customer what the back of a shirt will look like we recommend using the generic apparel.    The generic apparel can also be used if the model in the apparel photo is not the same sex or ethnicity of your customer.

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