This Week’s New Art – We’re on a Boat!

Mother Nature may have decided that warm weather isn’t a “thing,” but we can dream, right? Boat clip art to the rescue!

This week’s new clip art was inspired by a customer request for cruise artwork. That’s right. You can always write into us and request certain designs go into our queue (or, even better, just leave us a comment here on the blog)!

Imagine the nifty custom t-shirts you can do with this for families going to a warm, tropical location for their family reunions!

Cruising isn’t to be left out. This art reminds us of warm breezes and beautiful sunshine.

How cool is this Beach Club layout? Great for boutiques and resort shops in cities near the water – but also fantastic when used ironically for land-locked locations.

Have fun putting this artwork to use by customizing it and making it your own in Easy View. Just put the layout name into the search bar.

We would love to see what you come up with!

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Dealer Services

Absolutely, Caryl (best spelling ever, by the way). as for layouts, it looks like QCL-45 is it for archery. We do have a number of clip art pieces available in the meantime (a few are: X15X-24, X15X-138, X15X-78). I’ll pass the request off to our designers to get target archery in their queue.

Dealer Services

Hi Brad, we do have lots of layouts that you can customize for a cruise!


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