Options When Your Customer Wants a Printed Sample

You want to make the sale, and your customer wants to see a sample. Here are some choices you can give your customer when they ask for a printed sample to help win the sale.


The first option is to offer an electronic proof. You can do this in Easy View, our online designer.

Either use our art, create an idea and share via email or a print out, or add your own art and use the share option. This is all free to do.

If your art is not vector, a white box does appear within Easy View. You are able to remove this white background if you vectorize the art.

However, in some cases, vectorizing the art is not possible if you have full color artwork.

In this case, you can order a proof. The proof cost is $20 and you get a large .png file for viewing.


Product Samples

If you have our free sample pack, you have a product sample of each item. Show your customer what their art will look like using the art proof, and be sure you have a product sample so they can feel what their print will feel like on a shirt. Also, it is helpful to show them the ink color on the color selector because online colors are not accurate.


Printed Sample

If the above will not satisfy your customer, you can order a small sample run. We offer a low, 6 sheet minimum so that you can place a small order. Price is based on how many you order, so if you know you are going to get the order, you might want to order at a larger quantity for better pricing. For example, if you are doing a fundraiser for a school spirit sale and the customer has already approved the art but wants printed size samples you might order at a better price break like 25 that you know you will sell once the spirit sale is complete.

If you are ordering a printed sample from your own artwork, keep in mind, that with your reorder you will get the more advantageous Easy Prints (or reorder) pricing on your bigger order.

Let’s say you order a 6 sheet minimum in 1 color from your artwork for $60.95. You print a few samples for the school’s display and they come back needing 100 more. Since this is now a reorder these will be just $1.58 each=$158.00. Your total for the 105 is $218.95. If you would have ordered all 106 without the small sample order your total cost would have been $183.00. So in the end, your sample order cost just $35.95 and won you the sale.

So that your risks and costs stay low you might want your customer to sign a committal to the larger order before ordering a printed sample. If you have the commitment, your cost is low and rewards high.



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