Tips for Winning Your Local Baseball League Orders

1.  Most baseball leagues are run by volunteers who change year to year.  Look in the newspaper for sign-up information to get the name of this year’s contact.

2.  Use Easy View™ to approach the contact with new ideas for this year’s league.  Prepare a few designs for your first meeting with their name and show them the Idea Book™ for more ideas.   Many times they say “do what we did last year” but a new design can separate you from the competition and will win you the job.

Ideas for Mentor Baseball League

Ideas for Mentor Baseball League

3.  Suggest new ways to add the sponsor name to the shirt as well.  These uses/placement of the sponsor name will save both you and the league money:

  • Under the league logo
  • Above the number on the back
  • On the sleeve

4.   Let them know the service you can offer.  Remember one color Easy Prints® ship the next day when ordered by 3 pm ET, pass this information on to your customer as a service you can offer.

5.  Watch our Free Webinar on Leagues as Easy as 1, 2, 3 on February 23rd for more tips and information.