Top 5 Merchandising Tips

Whether you sell t-shirts, bags, trophies, signs, banners, or everything in between it’s imperative to show case your products and services. Here are 5 merchandising tips to keep your shop looking fresh, inviting, and to help keep those creative juices flowing.

  1. Cleanliness – You would think this goes without saying, but on the contrary, we tend to get complacent and lax especially when orders are in high demand. There is always the thought “I’ll do it later, I’ll do after, I’ll fix it tomorrow.” The reality is, there is no later. Customers will not notice a clean store, but they will undoubtedly notice a dirty store. Cleaning should be done daily. Every morning you walk into the shop, a quick sweep, dust, and window/mirror wash and you’re sparkling, ready for business.
  2. Color Stories – It’s important to show the variety of colors you offer in your products, but it should be visually appealing. If you have a large scale of colors to display in different shades and textures a good option is to display them as warm and cool color schemes. Not only is it visually impactful, but it allows your customer you easily self navigate.
  3. Show off the wants – Your customer is in your shop for something they need. You want to guide them to the items they want. They may have come in needing practice cheer t-shirts, but you have a spirit wear display showcasing a t-shirt, with matching shorts, a cinch sack bag, a matching zip up track jacket and it’s caught their eye. You want to show your customer other options to spark to the creativity.
  4. Outfitting – To piggy back off of #3, outfitting will encourage your customer to spend more while giving them ideas. You wouldn’t want your mannequin wearing a track hoodie with swimming warm-up sweats. Those are 2 different orders, though they may be the same customer at times, but different sports and seasons. Strive to sell the lifestyle, not the garment.
  5. Change your displays monthly – Updating your displays is just as important as keeping your shop clean. Walking into a shop with a Halloween display in July not only shows you’re behind, but you’re disorganized. Your pockets will be as dusty as your display if you don’t keep them fresh, exciting, and pertinent. Keep up with what’s new in the industry and shape your displays around those ideas. The faster you sell, the faster you need to update your displays.

Here is an example of the mannequins we have in our lobby here at Transfer Express, it’s baseball season!


Now go get those cleaning supplies and get started!