4 Items to Custom Print for Golf Outings

There are over 1 million golf outings in the United States each year! That is a lot of events in need of custom printing. Golf outings need custom printing for incentives and giveaways, golfer goodie bags, and prizes for events like closest to the pin or longest drive. As a custom t-shirt business, what can you offer?

  1. Shirts

Most events will include a t-shirt in the participation package or “goodie” bag given to each participant. Use a left chest design to keep costs down. You can fit 6 or more prints on one sheet and can print 240 shirts plus 80 caps for just $60.80!

calculator for screen print pricing

Use our screen printing price calculator for easy and fast quotes.


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transfer gang sheet for golf apparel

Our screen printed transfers are priced by the sheet. Fit as many images as you can on a sheet for the same price!


2. Golf Towels

This is a popular giveaway and you can use the same prints from above to print these as well. We did an entire blog on how to print golf towels.

custom golf towels

We carry a variety of golf towels to customize in the Transfer Express Apparel line.

3. Golf Caps

Another great item to put in the prize package is a golf cap. Include a couple of cap size images on the same sheet as the left chest and you are printing these for free!

4. Golf Bags, Shoe Bags, Tee Bags

If your bag is polyester, the same order you are using for the t-shirts, caps, towels and golf shirts can also be used on these items. By adding a couple of sheets you can print for free and really give your golf outing a lot of prize items.

customized Nike Golf Shoe Tote

Golf Shoe Tote TG0247 customized with a Goof Proof transfer.