Tricks to Fix Misprinted Shirts

It’s 5:45 PM and you have 75 shirts to screen print and it is due by tomorrow at 9:00 AM. Everything is going smoothly; you are probably on shirt number 35. You peel your transfer paper, then BAM!!! There is ink missing in an area and you go into full panic mode. Now what? You say a prayer, and hope that a size 2X, California Blue, Jerzee shirt just appears out of thin air. And of course you live an hour away from the nearest Walmart, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

First Breathe!!! Assess the situation. My 20 years as a Transfer Express dealer has kicked in. You actually have 4 possible options.

  1. Add a little bit of the transfer ink back onto the shirt using an Exacto knife. Scratch some ink off of an extra print, warm the tip of the knife on heat press, add it to area and cover it with a Teflon sheet. Repeat as necessary.
  2. Try and cut the exact piece of screen that is missing and tape to shirt using heat resistant tape, covering shirt with Teflon sheet.

     3.  Craft paint- Being that I am an airbrush artist, I have acrylic based paints in my shop. I use Createx brand paints that can be found at Hobby Lobby in small bottles. Just add to the missing area, dry with hair dryer in between coats. It mimics the screen print material.

4. Thin tip Sharpie marker- This works best with dark color especially black. Just use the marker to touch up small chips or imperfections.

I have used all 4 of these tricks and most of the time they worked. If it doesn’t, just call your customer and tell them you had some printing issues and that you are trying to remedy the problem. They will understand.

Airbrush By Monette-TX dealer sine 1998

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