Time for a Tune-Up with New Clip Art and Layouts!

Decorating apparel for local businesses like mechanics and automotive shops can bring both profits and pride. With hundreds of thousands of automotive shops in the United States alone, this niche market can bring you big profits while allowing you to support local businesses.

This huge selection of auto shops and mechanics is certainly why our customers have been requesting more clip art and design layouts geared towards this market for creating awesome t-shirt and apparel designs. This week, we’ve added a clip art of a mechanic (X7C-104) and a tire with wings (X18H-98) to include into any Easy Prints® layout available in the Easy View® Online Designer.

Easy Prints clip art X7C-104 and X18H-98 now available in Easy View!

Or start with this new layout for a mechanic or automotive garage, QBU-321. This layout includes new clip art X7C-104 with text lines that can be customized with your local garage or shop’s business name.

Start customizing a design layout now for a local auto garage or mechanic in Easy View and accelerate your way to awesome t-shirt designs!

New Easy Prints layout for a mechanic or automotive garage, QBU-321.



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