Use Custom Transfers to Print Oversized Shoulder Prints

A company called Spirit Football Jersey™ started a popular fashion trend by offering loose fit oversized shirts with a large bold print on the back across the shoulders. Many other shirt companies have now started offering these shirts called by names such as Pom Pom Pullovers by Boxercraft or billboard shirts by others. But how do you decorate these shirts?

We have created 3 custom transfer layouts that will make decorating these shirts easy and a great addition to your T-shirt business!

1. Choose a layout.

Layouts for Custom Oversized Shoulder Prints

QSH layouts are designed for easy-to-use oversized shoulder prints.

2. In our new Easy View®, our online custom transfer designer, customize the text, and change the clip art if using QSH-3.

Tip: Tells us in notes the width of the design and the letter height of line 1. Our designers will enlarge the words you created in Easy View and break it apart to fit on the transfer sheet. With the layouts, the finished print width will be between 20-26” wide, depending on your words. Be sure to keep it to the size of your heat press or you will need to do a 2 step application.

3. Choose your color and transfer type. Patterns such as zebra stripes or chevron can also be added. Place your order. Each sheet will decorate one oversize shirt.

4. Once the transfers are received, cut into three parts – the front of the word, the back and the extra text, bubble or clip art.

Cut a notch in the transfer for easy alignment

Cut a notch around the letter for easier alignment of the transfers.


how to align shoulder prints transfer pieces

The notches in the transfer edges allow for easier alignment.

5. Where the letters connect, be sure to cut out a “line up notch” by trimming close to the letter. This will make line up for application really easy. Also be sure to trim the bottom text, bubble or art close so that you can center.


6. Position on press. If you have a 16 x 20 heat press, use the 20” size to layout. Tip: fold the second line of text, bubble or art in half so you can center. As you can see the center of the text is not at the cut line, the entire print layout needs to be centered on the shirt using the shirt tag  Press all in one 4 second application if using Goof Proof ink!

Align your transfer pieces on your shirt.

When you are ready to press, your transfers are ready to align on your shirt.


7. Your fashion shirt is ready to wear

T-Shirt with Customized Should Print

Finished oversized shoulder print using one custom transfer in a one 4 second application.





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Yes, These tips are very helpful for oversized t-shirts lover. This is the trending style in men. Thank you for this informative blog


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