Resizing an Easy Prints® Layout, Clip Art and Text in Easy View®

Easy View® allows you as a designer to adjust many aspects of a design from colors to size. Changing the size of a the text, clip art or entire design gives you the flexibility to create an unlimited amount of unique design possibilities.

In the video above, we give you a quick overview of how to change the size. Read further to get a step-by-step description of what it’s like to have the power of changing your layout size.

Sizing the design as a whole:

To size the entire design as a whole, first you need to select the design. Left click with your mouse and drag a dotted green box around the entire layout. (see below) You can easily change the size by clicking on any one of the green arrows on the corner of the box and drag out to make the design bigger or drag in to make the design smaller.

Entire design box

If you look to the left column under “Customize Layout” “Edit All” you will see the option to be a little more specific with the size you need. You can type in the width or height and click “Ok” to confirm your selection. Next to these size fields, you will see a “lock” symbol. Clicking this button will allow you to “Lock” or “Unlock” the aspect ratio. This means the proportional relationship between it’s width and it’s height. Keep it “locked” if you’d like the proportions to stay the same, and “unlocked” to not keep the design in proportion to its original set proportions.


Sizing text or clip art in the layout:

To size the text or clip art inside the layout is very similar to sizing the design as a whole. Simply click on the text or clip art you’d like to resize. The green dotted box will appear around your selection and you have two options. Click on any one of the corner triangles and drag in or out to increase or decrease the size. The size will be reflected in the left column under “Edit Text”. The other option is to manually input the needed size in the left column.

Clip art size


Don’t think we’re stopping here! Stay tuned for even more features of Easy View®!