Using Vertical Names in Your Custom Printing

Vertical Express Names™ are a great way to add individual personalization to a long sleeve or down the leg on sweat pants, baseball and football pants or yoga pants. Lengths available include 9, 11 and 14”. Letter heights are 1”, 2”, 2.5” and 3”.

Unique placement of Express Names

Try placing the Express Names in a unique position for an original look.

When ordering vertical names, keep in mind the relationship between letter height and length. For example, if you wanted a 9 letter word like SOPHOMORE and were trying to do a 2” letter, it is too long to do as one Express Names because the 9 letters at 2” tall =18”, which is longer than our maximum 14” length. You could do this two ways, the first would be to reduce each letter so the word fits within 14”. Our online ordering will do the math for you. You can see that to keep this word in the 14” area, this word will have letters that are 1 3/8” tall.

Express Names ordering

When ordering vertical Express Names, just choose Vertical for the format.

A second option is to divide the name into two parts and then apply one below the other. Here we ordered SOPHO as one name and MORE as a second. This keeps the letter height at 2” tall and the print with letter spacing will be a little over 20” long.

large Express Name sizes

For larger names, break the name up onto two different lines.

Vertical names aren’t just for sleeves and legs. Use your creativity! In the sample above, we tried two other uses that are easy to do for an original look. On the first, we put the vertical name next to the number instead of the traditional look of above the number. On the second example, we added the child’s name down the side of a shirt just above a print at the bottom trim.

Vertical names are on sale during the month of May, making it the perfect time to give them a try!

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