Discover the Power of these 5 Tools

1. Pricing Calculators/Retail Price List
Correct pricing for your product is the biggest key to making a profit. These tools will help you know your costs. There are pricing calculators for screen printing and rhinestone transfers.
To use the screen printed transfer calculator, enter the number of sheets (remember the sheets are 11.25 x 14” and more than one image may fit on a sheet; there is a link to the gang calculator so you know how many will fit on that sheet). Next, enter the number of ink colors you will be using and if it is Easy Prints art (using our art/fonts) or Plus art (provided artwork).
The rhinestone transfer calculator is a little different because the number of colors doesn’t affect cost, but size can make a big difference. First, choose the media type (rhinestone or rhinestud), then enter the size and quantity. For rhinestones, choose the stone and fill/outline option.

We also have a retail price list for our screen printed transfers that gives you your price doubled in a printable sheet.

calculator for custom screen printed transfer pricing

Type in the number of sheets, colors and type of ink and artwork to find your pricing.


customized sales flyer

Create your own sales flyer from our template and add your customized Easy Prints layouts.

2. Sales Flyers
Our sales flyer creation tool not only narrows your customer choice to make a decision easier, but also lets your customer see the art customized and printed for their specific needs. You can create a custom flyer with retail pricing or print out an idea sheet specific to their needs.


3. Color Changes
One of the most overlooked cost saving tools is a color change. Not only does a color change allow you to make your purchase at a higher, less expensive quantity break, but also will help you sell more by letting your customer have their chosen print on two different color items. So you may get 10 white and 10 red prints, get the 20 quantity price break and sell your customer a white tee with a red print and a red sweatshirt with a white print.

more custom T-shirts for less

Use a Color Change to order at a higher quantity price break.

4. Custom Clip Art

use your own clip art

Add your own custom clip art to your account to use in Easy Prints layouts!

Does your customer have their own artwork? Maybe a company logo or school mascot that we don’t have in our art collection? A custom clip art will save you money and help grow sales with creative art using their logo. The cost to add custom clip art to Easy View is $15 if you have used it in a previous order; or $60 if this is the first time, but it will pay for itself within two orders!


5. Easy View
The biggest tool available to you is Easy View®, our online design tool. This designer is extremely easy to use; no art background or training is needed. The designer is preloaded with 5000 layouts, 7000 clip art and almost 140 fonts. Start with our layout and swap out the text and/or clip art, or get creative and start from scratch. Move things as needed, size, and add color with just a couple of clicks. When you like it, use the share feature to show your customer. Save it to your own personal library and when ready to order, it is just another click.

online T-shirt designer

The online transfer design tool is loaded with 5000 layouts for you to easily customize.

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