Visit A MakerSpace and Start Your T-Shirt Business

Our mantra was all you need is a heat press, but now, thanks to MakerSpace areas you can start a t-shirt business without a heat press.   All you need to get started is your first customer.   You can then purchase the custom  transfers and head to your local MakerSpace area to apply them to your wholesale blank apparel.

What Is A MakerSpace?

The dictionary defines a MakerSpace as a place in which people with shared interests, especially in computing or technology, can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge.   Although some are privately run and charge for the space, many are run by schools and libraries and are totally free!   Most MakerSpace areas have a vinyl cutter, 3D printer, laser printer and most importantly to your t-shirt business, a heat press!

Using the MakerSpace

Our local MakerSpace allows you to reserve time on equipment or use as a first come, first serve walk up basis.   Heat presses are easy to use, but the staff can also assist.   Set the heat press temperature and time to the setting recommended on the instructions provided with your transfer order. Place the t-shirt on the press, position your custom transfer ink side down and press.   You will hear a buzz or ring, telling you the t-shirt has been printed.   Then peel the release paper hot of cold, depending on the provided transfer directions.

Start Your Own T-Shirt Line

A MakerSpace is also a great way to start your own t-shirt line and see how it sells with a minimum investment.   If you have a good idea for a design, upload it to our site.    You can order as few as 5, but have a little faith in your own art and order more for better pricing.    Do you think you can sell 25?   That is a good quantity to get started.   You can buy blanks as needed from a local craft store or order them wholesale from us.   Press your blanks as you sell them.   If they don’t sell as well as expected all you are out is a few transfers.   And if they do sell, you are off and running.    If your business takes off, you can buy your own heat press.


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Is there a Market space in Clarksville TN?

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Give your local library a call. Often they are in public libraries. If you can’t find it there give your local community college a call.


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