Let’s Roll with New Layout and Clip Art for Roller Hockey and Derby

roller hockey and roller derby clip art


We’re on a roll with adding new clip art and layouts every week for you to have plenty of options and variety when creating a customized design for your local customers.

We’ve recently had several customers who have had local roller hockey and roller derby teams needing a cool design for their team and tournament t-shirts. Our designers raced into action and created a perfect Easy Prints layout for a roller hockey team. QMS-173.

This new design layout can be customized for team event t-shirts or fan wear using the Easy View Online Designer.

The featured roller hockey skates clip art, X15X-274, can be changed as well, in addition to customizing the text. Swap it for the new roller hockey player, X15x-275, or any other clip art available in the online designer.

New Roller Derby Clip Art!

Last year we released new Roller Derby layouts and clip art for you to use for your customer’s derby teams and fanwear. This year, we’ve added to this roller derby t-shirt design collection with one tough female derby skater, X15x-272 and a new derby roller skate clip art, X15X-273 to use in any Easy Prints layout.


Ready to start creating your customer’s roller derby and roller hockey team apparel and fanwear? Head over to Transfer Express’ Easy View Online Designer to customize one of these new design layouts or choose one of the other thousands of design layout choices for any occasion.


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