Why do our top customers buy from us?

Recently I was listening to a webinar by Jeff Gitomer who has written many great publications about marketing and has a weekly email newsletter, Sales Caffeine. He challenged each person to ask your best customers, why do you buy from us? As he said, if your top customers buy from you for these reasons, others will want to for the same reasons. Your customers have written your marketing materials. This is a great exercise for your own store as well.

5 reasons our top customers buy custom transfers from us:

Speed – all commented on how fast our service is, and not only how quickly we get it out the door but also,  especially for those on the west coast, how fast it arrives with Speedy Air service, 2 day air for the price of ground.

Reliability – as often as speed, customers commented that not only is the order fast, but it ALWAYS ships on the day we tell them it will.

Education – many of our customers complimented the many education resources we offer, all at no charge, videos, blog tips, webinars and innovative website.

Choices – we are known for our Easy Prints®, and they are ever growing with the largest collection of professional created art that can be customized.

Ease of Business – every company has a system, but customers complimented our dealer service team, the speed we reply to emails and get back to them with quotes sent via upload.

Custom Screen Printed Transfer

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