Custom Gift Ideas for Your Customers

Ideas for Custom Holiday Gifts

Custom gifts for the holidays are easy with your extra transfers.

The holiday is approaching and you want to get every sale you can by year end. Using your extra transfers it is easy to create some custom gifts. If you search your store, you will find extra transfers from local school or team orders that can be pressed on items for great gifts.

Tees and Hoodies – This is the easy one, but be sure you have one on display with a note all sizes available.

Mouse pad – This is a great stocking stuffer and on a gang sheet you probably have some small images left over that will be perfect. Blank mouse pads can be purchased for about $1 and with extra prints it is all profit!

Koozies – Another great stocking stuffer and good use of small transfers you may have on a gang sheet.

Tote Bags – Grocery totes are big, and again using extra transfers and inexpensive bags this is a perfect add-on sale.

Stockings – Go to the dollar store and buy some inexpensive blank stockings, apply a transfer of your local school and instant income!