5 Tips for Cold Weather Heat Printing

Every year when cold weather kicks in, it brings along some heat printing challenges caused by the heat press sitting in a cold environment overnight. It cools the lower platen to the point where it causes heat loss on the first few transfers applied at the start of the next day. This winter related problem and others can be overcome by following the tips listed below:

Pre heat lower platen for best results during winter

Pre heat the lower platen during the winter months for best results!

1. After the heat press has reached the pre set temperature, simply lock down the heat element for a full minute (without a garment) to warm up the lower pad eliminating application failures caused by the cold. Note: This procedure will only need to be done at the start of the production day or after long breaks between pressings.

2. Some decorators use our Quick Slip Pad Protectors on the lower platen and although these pad protectors are great for reducing wear on the pad, and for quick garment placement, they also act as an insulator and can keep the lower pad from retaining heat during a production run. Note: If you’re having application problems with certain types of transfers, try removing the pad protector.

3. Heated production areas in the winter will dry out the air creating static electricity that can cause the transfer paper to stick to the upper heat element when the press is opened, causing misprints especially with cold peel transfers like glitter and other specialty transfers. To eliminate this static cling problem, use a cover sheet. *We sell reusable cover sheets 12.5” x 15” in packs of 10 for $3.00.

4. Always pre-press garments before heat printing to remove excess moisture trapped in the garment. This procedure needs to be done all year long but can be more of a problem during the winter months in some regions. Note: Failing to pre-press garments before applying a transfer can result in cracking or bubbling due to trapped moisture in the garment.

5. For checking the accuracy of your heat press, you can purchase our Heat Press Test Kit for only $14.95 per kit. The kit includes 10 temperature strips and instructions on how to use. If you’re using out dated heat presses in your shop, do yourself a favor and upgrade with a new Hotronix® or MAXX™ heat press before the start of the new season!

heat press test kit with temperature strips

Check various places around your heat press platen for the accuracy of your temperature.

Always follow our heat printing application guidelines for best results and for complete detailed instructions go to TransferExpress.com/application.

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