5 Tips for Selling Custom Shirts to Schools

The school market is a huge opportunity—from spirit wear, to sports, to clubs, the possibilities are endless. To get your t-shirt business started in the school market, here are some tips.

  1. Start Local Start with your own child’s school or the school of one of your neighbor’s children. Find out from them the name of the PTA or booster group president and how to reach them.
  2. Stay on Top of Trends What are the kids looking for? A new or popular trend can be your step into the door. Are they carrying cinch sacks this year, messenger bags, is tie dye big? Whatever it is, it should be easy for you to get from our apparel line and print.
  3. Stand Out from the Crowd As a Transfer Express customer, you have over 5,000 layouts ready to go and over 7,000 clip art. Use Easy View, your online design tool, to quickly show them layouts and pricing. These are most likely volunteers so make order forms that they can easily distribute and process orders.
    custom school apparel

    Choose a layout and customize it for any school group!

  4. Package It Take a look at our webinar for some very unique and inexpensive packaging ideas. Even just bagging with a sticker with your company name to make a teacher’s distribution easy will be noticed.
  5. Ask for More Nothing will help your t-shirt business grow faster than word-of-mouth. Include business cards with delivery. Use an extra transfer to make the group organizer a thank you gift—maybe a tote bag or mouse pad.