Add Kitting to Your T-Shirt Business

Kitting is the process of bundling multiple products together into a single package.     This creates a ready to purchase product offering for your targeted customer.   Kitting can really help your t-shirt business grow.

Advantages to Kitting

  • Enhances your customer’s experience by simplifying the purchasing process.
  • Increased sales and upselling opportunities.  By combining themed items together you encourage customers to buy multiple items at once, increasing your average order.
  • Reduced decision fatigue.   Your customer decision will be streamlined making buying easier.
  • Competitive advantage. Stand out from the competition by offering bundles not offered elsewhere.

Printing the Box

Give your kit a unique and professional look by printing the box to match the theme of it’s contents.    All of our products will apply to this style cardboard box purchased at

Examples of Kitting

New Parent Kit

Mother’s Day Kit

Father’s Day Kit

Get Well Kit

Gamer Kit

New Neighbor Welcome

Wedding Gift Kit


Bridesmaid Bundle

Want to learn more about how these bundled boxes were created?  Watch our online class to learn more

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