Adding A Sleeve Print to Your Custom Transfer Order

Upselling your customer to add a sleeve print is a great way to increase your t-shirt business profits. You can charge extra for the addition of a second location but get the printing for free by adding it to your sheet when ordering your custom screen printed transfers. There are three ways to create the layout for a sleeve.


This is probably the most common sleeve print style; the letters are simply stacked on top of each other.   We have many layouts that rock this look  The most used sleeve layout is the text only QLG-1. Other popular stacked letter choices are QLG-3, QLG-22, QLG-46, QLG-56, QLG-68, QLG-70 and QLG-76.

Reading Up

We had a very spirited Facebook poll on the best way to do text that is not stacked, reading up or reading down. Many had various opinions with logic behind their choice but it all comes down to personal preference. One customer liked this version for spirit wear so it is readable when the arm is raised. Layouts that can be used this way or the reading down below are QLG-2, QLG-60, QLG-62, QLG-77, QLG-78 and QLG-79.

Reading Down

In our unofficial poll this was the winner of choice when text is not stacked. Once customer commented, best explanation I ever heard, was if you are sitting in your car and resting your arm on the window, it should be readable. Sitting at a table, same thing.

Now that you have chosen your sleeve print, it is time to apply it. We have a new heat press platen that will make that job even easier, the Double Sleeve Platen. This platen lets you print two sleeves at the same time. It can be ordered for your Maxx or Hotronix Heat Presses.

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It’s always helpful to have a clear understanding of the different options for sleeve prints when creating custom t-shirt designs. Double Sleeve Platen is a game changer, allowing for efficient and effective printing.


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