The rise of a Trade Show Booth

We here at Transfer Express attend approximately 40 trade shows per year.  We have booths of different structures, shapes, and sizes.  It all depends on how large the show is to figure out which booth to send to the show.  This week at the ISS fort worth show we sent our larger 10×20 structured booth.  It takes a lot of time and preparation to ensure we have everything we need in the booth to give our customers the best hands on experience as possible.

If you have ever been to trade show and you walk in the first day to be mesmerized by all the exhibitors in site along with all of the larger structured booths.  All of that just doesn’t happen over night.  The structures arrive weeks before the show and are distributed throughout the exhibit hall to each exhibitors booth.  Depending on the size and difficulty of the booth, laborers or teams from each vendor begin to start assembling their respective booths the Monday before the show.

In our case this week, we had a team come in on Wednesday to assemble booth 502.  Here is a sneak peak at a beginning, middle and end photo:

The rise of the booth

About Half way home

Just about done

Just about done










After all of the booth is created we set out the heat presses and different sample shirt for customers to see and feel.  When the doors open the first day of the show, we wait for the rush and all of our team that attends shows looks forward to getting to meet all of our customers, new and old.  The shows are a great way to put faces with names.  That is why we enjoy doing so many in the year and don’t mind the hard work that goes into putting it all together.

If you are reading this and are in the Fort Worth area, be sure to stop by booth 502.  Our team is looking forward to seeing you.  Then on Sunday, we break it down, pack it up, and send it on to the next city… SGIA NEW ORLEANS!!

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