Printing T-Shirts for Police and Fire Departments

A popular niche market for many customers is police and fire shirts. This is a market that uses a lot of custom printing and entire companies have been built on taking care of these needs.

For safety reasons many police, fire, and emergency departments need reflective printing. We offer a series of reflective stock transfers that can be used as is or coupled with metallic silver custom transfers for a more personalized shirt. Reflective transfers reflect light when hit with a direct light source. These are available in the words POLICE, FIRE, EMS, SECURITY and STAFF.

reflective transfers for fire department

REF-4 coupled with QAL-2


Police and fire departments also need custom apparel to wear under their uniforms as well as for their down time. With our customizable layout section, doing these shirts is easy. Try a few and take them to your local police and fire staffs to see if it is something they would be interested in.

custom T-shirt using Easy Prints layout QAL-15

Layout QAL-15


Also needed is custom printing for jackets. The same layouts can be used and ordered as a digital CAD-PRINTZĀ® Opaque that applies to nylon jackets.

Our dealer service team is available to answer any questions about selling to this very profitable market.

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