Applying Transfers to Cinch Sacks

A popular item with teens is the cinch sack. Cinch sacks are bags with drawstrings on both sides and are used to carry books, shoes and clothing. They are a perfect promotional item for teams, schools, and events.

Decorating a cinch sack is easy using custom transfers. Because the bags do gather at the top when closed, we recommend using a little smaller print so that it is visible when being carried. The size shown on the samples is about a 5” x 5” size print.

customized cinch sacks using heat applied transfers

Cinch sacks are easy to decorate with custom transfers and are a popular item for teens.

If the bags are polyester, any of our decorating options can be used. The best choice would be based on quantity needed, the number of colors and the size. Our dealer service team will help you choose the best product at the best price.

When doing the application, because of the strings, you will want to raise the print area with a polyester foam mouse pad or print perfect pad. Just place your bag on your heat press and slip the pad under the bag. This will allow even pressure to reach your bag. Put the transfer in place, and press according to the directions provided with your transfer. Your bag is ready to carry!