What to do when a color change won’t work

Using a color change on your custom transfer order is a great way to save money to decorate two different uniforms with the same print. A color change is when the same exact art is used, and somewhere in the process we stop, and use the same screen to print in another color. This way you get the price break based on the total number of prints and pay a small fee to change the color, much less than two orders.

But sometimes a color change just won’t work. A good example of this is when something must remain a certain color regardless of the color apparel that would be used, for example keeping the baseball white.  So, if you are printing both white shirts and red shirts, you won’t be able to use the same art becuase on the white shirt you want us to print the outline of the baseball, and on the red shirt you want us to print the fill of the baseball.

Color change plastisol transfer flame tal
Navy and Red design Red replaced with Navy/ Navy replaced with White

If your customer is on a budget, show them that a color change will work but the ball won’t be white. If they are ok with that go ahead and order a color change. But if your customer does not find that acceptable, a multi-color design is often less expensive than two orders. So in this case, we would order a red, navy and white print that could go on any color and look correct. 

Baseball t-shirt design

A 3 color design works on all colors with ball in white