Are You Committing One of the Top Five Easy View Sins?

Easy View® online designer makes designing your custom transfer a breeze. As with anything, there are some tips and tricks to save you time and money. Here are the top five ways you can optimize your orders in Easy View.

Not Using the Full Sheet

For transfers like Goof Proof, pricing is done per sheet and per color. What that means is that you’ll pay the same price regardless of how much of the space you use up. Why not make the most of it?

Some ideas for creating a gang sheet are:

Setting up this design in Easy View®using just 1 order.

  • Fill the white space with as many of your logos as you can. You can use these to press inside of shirts to advertise your business.
  • Put on additional versions or parts of your customer’s logo. Offer to add more flair to the shirts for a small additional charge. Remember, the materials didn’t cost you a cent more!
  • With the additional logos, you can also save them for a rainy day. When they next order polos or something that requires their logo, the job is pure profit.
  • Use the white space to pitch a new client! Show up with a shirt or two that you can give them to show your work (make sure you put your logo inside the collar). Be sure to quote prices on the spot. It’s always easier to sell when a customer can touch and feel the final product.

Images Are Too Close

The flip side of not using the full sheet is when images are placed too close together on a single sheet. Remember, you’ll want space to be able to cut your designs out and use them individually. Because the ink expands slightly, you’ll want at least ½” between images. This post goes into more detail about how to maximize a gang sheet properly.

Putting Color Changes on One Transfer

getting transfer in 2 different colors

This person put 2 images on a sheet, one in each color and paid for a 2 color transfer.

When you have the same image in two different colors, that is called a color change. A big mistake we see is putting a color change on one sheet – for instance, a white version on the left-hand side and a red version on the right-hand side. Oftentimes, this leads to the job costing more than it should because this is now a two-color transfer.

It’s always smart to price your order both ways – with both colors on one page and with it being two separate orders.

Straight Outta Compton

Tai Chi and Kung Fu artworkYou may have noticed that “Compton” is our default city on layouts. We do this so you’ll immediately recognize it as a field you’ll want to personalize with your customer’s city. You would be surprised how many orders come through with Compton still in the layout.

Always double-check that the city, class year, etc. are correct before placing an order.

Outlines that Need to Go on a Diet

When you click “outline” in Easy View, did you know that you don’t have to go with the default size? Many times, the default ends up looking too thick. Simply press the +/- button to change the size of the outline.

We hope these tips help you to be more productive and profitable in your apparel decorating business.

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