The Value of Back-Door Neighbors

One of my favorite aspects of working at Transfer Express is hearing the stories behind our custom orders. Our transfers used on a uniform worn by a t-baller in his first game. Our custom banners leading a team at a fundraising walk. Or how a t-shirt business has turned a customer’s life around. This story came from one of our own team-the Manhattan stand.

This story starts with two longtime neighbors that are so close a back door leads (literally) to their adjoining yards. To visit you cross through the back yard, walk through the back door and enter the neighbor’s yard. They collaborated on an idea, neighborhood kids have lemonade stands let’s have a Manhattan stand! And so, it began.

Social media and a custom printed banner staked outside  promote the event now in its 9th year. The first year the money was raised for Susan G. Komen Race for the cure. The stand even has a name “Bracer for the Cure.” Bracer is defined as a stimulating drink, especially of an alcoholic beverage.

The second year, the event turned personal as one of those back-door neighbors passed away from ovarian cancer. Since then the cause is easy, the money is donated to the Ireland Cancer Center at University Hospitals for ovarian cancer research. The event is now called “Bonnie’s Bracer for the Cure.”  The Manhattan stand has managed to raise over 20K for Ovarian Cancer research.

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