CAD-PRINTZ® Sub Block – Great for Decorating Sublimated Fabrics

The current trend for sublimated polyester apparel continues to grow and chances are you’ve had requests for this style garment. The sublimated camo fabric pictured below is one of the most popular patterns and has proven to be extremely hard to decorate. The pattern is printed with sublimation ink onto 100% polyester fabric and the ink will change to a gaseous state when heat pressed causing the pattern to bleed through the transferred image.

decorated sublimated digital camo

The popular sublimated camo decorated using CAD-PRINTZ Sub Block transfers.

Even the most experienced decorators are having trouble printing on this type material and a great solution is to use our CAD-PRINTZ® Sub-Block heat transfer! CAD-PRINTZ Sub Block is digitally imaged on a special vinyl material that has a black backer designed specifically to block sublimation dyes from penetrating to the surface of the vinyl film. Pricing information for CAD-PRINTZ Sub Block can be found on our site,

example Sub Block transfer

Block dye migration during heat printing with CAD-PRINTZ Sub Block transfers.