Use Your Own Art for Transfer Designs

Did you know that you can use your own custom art or art provided from your customers when placing your custom heat transfer orders? One of our representatives, Jen, explains how you can send us your artwork.

From your artwork, we can create screen printed, digital, or rhinestone heat transfers. The video above offers a walk-through of the steps to sending your custom artwork and logos. This is a great option for apparel designers who can provide their own art and have or want to start their own t-shirt line. If you do not have artwork to send, you can use the Easy View® online design tool to create art for use with Transfer Express heat transfers.

If the artwork you are submitting is a clip art or logo that you will use several times, you can even make it a custom clip art (CCA). This allows you to use it in the Easy View® design tool; designing in Easy View changes the heat transfer order to Easy Prints pricing. When you do this you can incorporate your own clip art in the Easy Prints® layouts. Note: Artwork sent to us, not saved as a CCA, is called Easy Prints® Plus.

To help your art print its best, review our artwork guidelines to ensure that your art is set in the proper format, colors, and details.

Here are the artwork guidelines for the different types of heat transfers:

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Stacy Sylve

There is an order that I placed a while back that was uploaded. I need to reorder it but with some minor changes to it. I can only pull it up in the previous ordered section and I can’t make the necessary changes to it. How can I make the changes?

Dealer Services

Hi, Stacy. To make changes to that, you’ll need to email us (info at or call us at 1-800-622-2280.


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