Create Unique Apparel with Easy Prints®

Customizing Easy Prints Layout QSO-156

These all use layout QSO-156! Change it to fit your customer’s needs!

Are you looking for a way to make your designs look unique but don’t want to spend too much money to get this distinctive look?  Try using Easy Prints®!  You can use the same look that the Easy Prints® layout already has or make it look completely different while keeping it at Easy Prints® pricing; it’s so easy to do!

Change the clip art, fonts, colors, and what the layout says for a custom look. You can even mix and match different looks using the same layouts.  Even with all of these changes these are all still the same layout, QSO-156, and are all priced as Easy Prints®!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Easy Prints® layouts – Find a layout that you can customize to your needs
  2. Easy Prints® clip art – Choose clip art that you can use to replace the current clip art in the layout
  3. Font chart – Looking to change the font, not a problem, you can use our font chart to determine which font best fits your needs
  4. Ink Color Chart – Choose your colors!  We provide examples of colors that you can use with our Ink Color Chart, though we suggest that you use the Color Selector from the Marketing Kit so that you can see what the colors look like when actually printed
  5. Use Easy View® to see what your layout looks like with the modifications that you make! (Simply log-in to and choose your layout to view it and make modifications in Easy View®)

It is so easy to make unique custom products using the Easy Prints® layouts!  Just use the clip art, fonts, and colors that we provide with Easy Prints® to modify layouts and create great custom designs!