Custom Transfers Made Easy – Just Send Us Your Artwork

Has your customer brought you an art file? Or did you create your own art and are ready to order custom transfers?

We have made it easy to send art for both quotes and ordering, and have a new short video to show you the steps.

When at, you just start by selecting the “Send us your artwork” link right under the Getting Started note. If you are already a dealer, go ahead and choose upload from the top left corner. Fill out the form and browse and attach  your file.

Send Us Your Artwork Links

Click on Send Us Your Artwork to upload art files for a quote or to order custom transfers.

If you are new visitor, choose as “New to Transfer Express”, then fill out the form to get a temporary login to the site. You will get an email with your password right away. Copy this password from the email and go back to the web site and log in. Now fill out the form and browse and attach your file.

In a few minutes, you will get a reference number as confirmation the art file went through.

Within the hour we will follow-up with a phone call to give you a quote and place the order if you are ready. Or if you need faster service, call us with the reference number. If you are just getting a quote, the art and quote will be saved for you in your upload area for a couple of weeks.

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