Keep It Within Reach with Hotronix® Heat Press Stand Shelves

The Heat Press Caddie™ Stand has been purchased by many who own a Hotronix® or Maxx® clam style press and have been well received as a great space saver and more user friendly. Not only is the Heat Press Caddie Stand on wheels that can be moved around as needed, but this stand also allows the user to thread any garment onto the lower platen for more efficient heat applications. One thing was missing though and that’s somewhere to put all of the items needed for heat printing; ie. T-shirts, transfers, accessories etc.

Heat Press Caddie Shelves create a more efficient work flow.

Heat Press Caddie Shelves create a more efficient work flow.

Hotronix® has introduced Heat Press Stand Shelves that attach to the pedestal of your current Caddie or Air Fusion®. The accessories are two shelving units on either side of the pedestal that allows you to easily grab a shirt or transfers to press without reaching across the room. Each arm of the shelves are adjustable so you can maneuver them closer to the machine or further away. Also each tray attached to the arms allows you to align and rotate into landscape or portrait orientations for maximum convenience for each heat printer.

The Hotronix heat presses and Heat Press Caddie™ stand sold separately. Caddie shelves are available to order today!

Click on this link for more information about the Hotronix Heat Press Caddie Shelves

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