Creating Custom Screen Printed Shirt Tags

Are you looking for a great way to add extra customization to your custom apparel items? Try adding shirt labels. It’s easy to create custom shirt tags with screen printed transfers!

What to include: If you are using your screen printed label in place of a shirt label, make sure that you include; the t-shirt size, your company’s name, the fabric material, where the t-shirt was made, and the wash instructions. If you are adding your label to an apparel item that already has a tag, you can simply add your company’s name as a means of promotion. By adding a label to apparel that already has a shirt tag, you are including a reminder to your customer of where they can go if they want more.

Creating in Easy View®: There are two label layout options that you can use in the Easy View® designer; QTG-3 and QTG-4. If you want to create simple label designs, just use one of these layouts and change the text and color. If you want to customize the designs even more, use the layouts as a starting point and add clip art, change fonts and colors, and modify text. If you have custom clip art saved in your Easy View account, you can even add your CCA to the design. Keep the size of the space that you want to apply the transfer to in mind when creating your designs so you don’t make the tag too large. Once you have created a layout that you like, duplicate it enough times to fill the full gang sheet; remember to leave about a half an inch of space between each for cutting them apart. Make each line a different size (S, M, L, XL) and add different material and care options.

Heat applying: If you are placing the t-shirt label in the traditional spot, at the top, inside of the t-shirt; the easiest way to apply the transfer is to use the Hotronix® Cap Heat Press so you do not have to turn all of your garments inside out. Set your heat press to required temperature for the type of transfer you are using, pre-press the garment to remove moisture and wrinkles, and heat apply the transfer. The above video provides a quick walk through of applying the transfer using the cap press.

Label placement: There are several spots where you can place your custom label. The label can go on the inside or outside of the shirt, on the front or back. It can go on the bottom of the t-shirt, or even the sleeves. You can even place it on the inside of the t-shirt, close to the seam. Experiment with your shirt tag placement and see what works best for you.

If you already add tags to your custom apparel, try customizing them in Easy View and adding them as screen printed transfers. If you are new to adding labels to apparel, try it out and let us know how it helps!

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Love it— thanks for pursuing this TE! Q: Some transfer materials are too bulky for use as an inner garment label below rear shirt collar. What heat-transfer material do you recommend for the garment labels discussed in the blog post? Thx TE!
PS: If your lab team can develop some really thin and pucker-free label transfer materials, I’ll send ALL my future orders to you forever! 🙂

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Rusty, stay tuned on thin, pucker-free label transfer materials 🙂 Stuff is in the works! You’ll want to still follow the usual rules for using the proper transfer for the apparel makeup. The Transfer Selector Tool (linked at the top of the blog) can help. That said, if you’re looking for thin and the apparel type and color supports it, a lot of our customers like Hot Split.


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