Be One of a Kind – Create Your Own Custom T-Shirts

Have you seen the latest commercial from Dr. Pepper? In it they show many different people with their original custom phrases declaring who they are. You can do this too!

Dr. Pepper One of a Kind commercial

Dr. Pepper commercial with unique t-shirts

Those shown in the commercial use the Cooper font, a font available from Transfer Express, and layout QAL-2, two straight lines of text or QAL-153, three straight lines of text. To create your own, visit, login in, click “View Layouts” and enter QAL-2. Change the text to your original phrase, choose Cooper font, or any of over 100 fonts, and choose your shirt and ink color and view. There is your original phrase!

Easy View™ your custom shirt

Use Easy View™ to preview your custom shirt


 To order, enter your quantity and submit. If ordered by 3 pm ET, your completed custom transfer ships the next day and you can have your own shirt heat pressed in just 4 seconds. Or if you are making just one shirt, use Express Names™! So are you a dreamer, a cougar, a beginner, a control freak, a fighter, a highlight, a wingman, a work of art, a rebel or a rock star? Whatever it is, you can create it, order it and wear it!
Custom Screen Printed Shirt

Create a unique, one of a kind t-shirt with Easy Prints® or Express Names™