Custom T-Shirts for Football Camps and Workouts

Youth and high school athletes use the summer to prepare for the fall football season. Many attend summer camps and summer workouts. For these activities, custom apparel is needed. Contact the coach, athletic director or camp director to see how you can service their custom apparel ordering.

All camps provide a custom T-shirt. Not only is it good advertising for the camp but also gives a sense of unity to those attending. The basic layouts work perfectly for workout shirts. In the picture below you see our basic arc/clip art/text layout QAL-17. If you prefer arch text then use QAL-14. Shorts are a needed add-on and you can print these for free using our sheet pricing. The full size print for the T-shirt and the 4×4 image for the shorts can be printed on the same sheet for one price. The smaller print can also be used on the coaching staff shirts.


Football camp T-shirts

Most camps give a T-shirt for attending the camp.

Football players are who made Under Armour a brand, and performance wear is very popular. Two-a-day workouts and summer camps in the heat require this type of apparel. Decorating these high end polyester shirts are easy with Elasti Prints®. Elasti Prints are a special type of transfer that applies to 100% polyester at a low temperature so that no scorch mark is made on the shirt. Elasti Prints will also stretch and rebound with the apparel. Below are a few popular football layouts that would work on this apparel. If you are using a multi-color Elasti Prints, one ink color must outline the others. In the Mayfield example below you can see that all black text has a white outline, and the white can be used alone. Our dealer service team will help you choose the best product to meet your football printing needs.


T-shirt designs for football camp

Using Easy View, create your design for the camp.

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Tabitha Short

I was looking for a bulk order of t shirts to be made for a football camp. I need the shirts to say 2023 football camp ThunderCats. I was needing 50 of each size.

Dealer Services

We have templates ready to customize to get this started. Visit and select the online designer. Click View layouts and under sports you will see the football tab. Click the one you like and change Eagles to Thundercats, add or change the text to Football Camp. Choose the Thundercats color. Size (if adults we recommend about 11 inches x 11 inches) Enter the quantity and a quote shows on screen. From there, you can save it until you are ready to order or add to cart and place your order.


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