More Apparel Design Options for Cheer & Football

Football season is almost here, which means that it’s the perfect time to start preparing for football and cheerleading apparel! When using the Easy Prints® art in the Easy View® online design tool, there are many different football and cheerleading layouts to choose from. If you decide that you like a different layout better that those available in these sports sections, you can customize layouts from any section to create your custom look!



Football layouts are an easy way to start your custom apparel designs. But, if you prefer a layout in the signature, baseball, or even family reunion sections, it is super easy to customize and change any layout to create custom football designs.

Football design from signature layout CS-46

Layout CS-46 was originally a signature layout. Here, it is customized for football.

The signature layout in the design above was turned into a football design by adding clip art of a football and changing the text to “Tylerton Football” to personalize it for the school’s team.

Football design from baseball layout CS-2

Layout CS-2 was originally a baseball layout. Here, it is customized for football.

Even other sports layouts can be customized for football. This layout was originally for baseball. We replaced the baseball clip art with clip art of a football player. For extra customization we even added text to the bottom of the design.

Football design from family reunion layout QRN-15

Layout QRN-15 was originally a family reunion layout. Here, it is customized for football.

Family reunion layouts can be modified for sports as well. This design would be great for an away game or a football camp since it shows a location. The original layout used a star to show where Columbus is. We replaced the star with a football helmet clip art and added a football behind the state.



We have cheerleading layouts that make it super easy to create a great custom design for your customers! Just like the football designs, you can turn any of our layouts into a custom cheer design by adding or changing clip art and words.

Cheer design from holiday layout QHL-64

Layout QHL-64 was originally a holiday layout. Here, it is customized for cheerleading.

The above design was originally made for the winter holidays. We were able to change it into a cheerleading design by simply adding and changing clip art and words.

Cheer design from landscaping layout QBU-263

Layout QBU-263 was originally a landscaping business layout. Here, it is customized for cheerleading.

Even landscape designs can be customized for cheerleading. In this layout, we swapped out three of the landscaping clip art for cheer clip art and changed the words for a cheerleading team.

Cheer design from choir layout QMU-33

Layout QMU-33 was originally a choir layout. Here, it is customized for cheerleading.

Extra clip art and text can be added to any layout. Adding mascot and cheer clip art to this choir layout and changing the words from choir to cheer makes it specific to both a sport and a school.

When creating your custom designs, there are 5,000+ layouts to help you get started. You can start with layouts in a specific category, such as the football and cheerleading layouts, or you can customize any of the many layout options available in the Easy View online design tool.

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