New Product Offering! Transfer Express Apparel

Transfer Express® apparel is officially available! You can now get both your blank garments and your heat transfers to customize the apparel from the Transfer Express website!

How to Order:

Filter to narrow down apparel search choices

The navigation was set to t-shirts. Choose the t-shirt option that works best for your needs. The shirt that we are going to order for this example has a red box around it.

  • Choose the apparel item that you would like to purchase.
  • Enter your order details.
    1. [1] Apparel color: When you change this color, the color of the shirt in the preview will change as well.
    2. [2] Quantity: Enter the quantity of each shirt size that you need.
    3. [3] Press this button when you are ready to add the apparel to your cart
Change your apparel color & quantity, then add to cart

[1] Change the color of the garment preview with the color drop box. [2] Choose how many of each size you would like. [3] Add the apparel order to your cart. Continue to add apparel to the cart until you have all of the apparel that you need in your cart.

  • Repeat the previous steps for any additional apparel that you would like added to your cart.
  • Once all of the apparel that you would like to order is in your cart, choose Review Order.
Shopping cart sorted by apparel size and style

The shopping cart will sort your apparel order by size and style. Choose Review Order to verify that your order is correct.

  • If everything looks good, choose Continue to add your shipment, payment information, and place the order.
If everything looks good when reviewing order, choose continue to submit

If everything looks right when you review the order, choose continue to submit payment and shipment information.


There are eight apparel warehouse locations in the U.S., providing you with a quick shipping option!

  • 99.7% of apparel orders delivered to you in 1-3 days via UPS ground.
  • 99% of apparel orders ship same day (if placed before 3pm EST – Monday-Fridays, excluding holidays)
  • Free shipping on apparel orders over $300
Apparel shipping schedule and warehouse location

Dark Blue arrives in one day once shipped. Mid-Blue arrives in 2 days once shipped. Light Blue arrives in 3 days once shipped.

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