Custom T-Shirts for the Sports Mom!

So what will your customers give their Mom for Mother’s Day? Flowers, candy, a day of rest, and dinner will be a few popular choices. But none of those last. Think custom shirts! This is the perfect gift to show Mom, their biggest fan, some appreciation. Mom drives to the practice, launders the uniform, cheers through all weather conditions and consoles the strikeout victim. No one is more proud to be a part of the team than Mom.

custom shirt designs for Mom

Custom shirts for your biggest fan… Mom!

Here are 4 tips for Mom’s shirt:

  1. Take the transfer you used for the team and add a player number for an individual touch
  2. Order some inexpensive Express Names™ (and they are on sale this month) with the word Mom and apply it inside the clip art of the baseball, football, megaphone or basketball.
  3. Order a rhinestone Mom and use the same way as above to let Mom sparkle
  4. Get creative and use a phrase Mom would enjoy and get the entire team to participate

Whatever you decide, be sure to give your Mom a hug and say thank you for all she does!

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