Custom Transfers with Copyrights and Licensed Logos

We have many requests to print logos that have a copyright, from organization logos such as the Boy Scouts or American Legion to corporate logos such as Ford or Coca-Cola to professional or collegiate sports teams. Transfer Express does not have rights to any of these copyrights but we can print them for you if you are able to obtain a letter of permission from the organization that does hold the right to the logo. When ordering a transfer with a copyrighted logo, simply fax or scan the letter of permission and send it with the order itself. Many events that have corporate sponsors have the necessary permission, but to protect all involved we do need that permission on file. Professional Sports teams are more difficult to obtain as royalty payment is involved, but we have worked with companies that do have the necessary license agreements and can do the printing for them.

Some licensing agencies:

Collegiate Licensing

Boy Scouts

National Football League