How to Print your Hat Bill with Custom Screen Printed Transfers

Looking for a new trend to add to your custom t-shirt business offerings? Printing to cap brims is becoming increasingly popular! There is even a platen for Hotronix heat press machines with the specific purpose of heat printing to hat bills, the Hat Bill Platen.

The above video shows you how to use the new brim platen with screen printed transfers and the Hat Bill Platen. Here are a few tips for creating this custom look with our screen printed transfers.

  • Use a flat brim when creating this custom look.
  • If your brim has a lip (a piece of fabric protruding between the brim and the opening), avoid placing your transfer too close to it. The lip will have the same effect as a seam and could cause your transfer to apply incorrectly by lifting away from the print area.
  • Measure the brim and cut the plastisol transfers to size to avoid excess ink. In the video, we left the overhang to the pink and white “Senior” t-shirt. From the overhang, there was excess ink that we had to remove. Though it doesn’t take that much time to remove the excess ink, it can take time from large orders.
  • We recommend backing the transfer, which would make it a two colored order. This is not necessary, but will make the colors more vibrant on the brim. This will also make the transfer thick enough that the texture from the brim will not show as much.
  • When first creating custom brims, we recommend starting with starting small and working into a full customization once you are confident in your brim decorating skills.
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