Delicious New Food Clip Art

Food, glorious food is the inspiration for our latest clip art for you to use in Easy View, our online designer. From your requests, we created a fresh batch of food clip art and a layout to enhance your designs for festivals, restaurants, and food trucks.

Food brings people and communities together and food scenes across the country are exploding so get in on this trend by supplying staff and volunteers with shirts. Or bring your heat press along to create commemorative apparel on site.

Use this clip art as a starting point for a food-based event or business. Here we have a wheat stalk that can be used to celebrate this hearty grain at a festival or even as a logo for a staff uniform at a brewery or beer festival. But don’t forget your fruits and vegetables with this harvest image, including a pumpkin and this pineapple image – which is also the symbol of hospitality.

wheat, pumpkin, pineapple food clip art images

Food requires tools and utensils so pair food clip art with this food truck, wooden basket, pizza cutter and salt shaker to create fun designs.

Grouping of a food truck, basket, pizza cutter food clip art

And finally, we pulled it all together with layout QEV-195. Food truck festivals are popping up all over and this layout printed in vibrant colors on a tank or tee is an excellent promotional opportunity. Also, think about creating bags or can coolers as a way to increase your profit.

new food artwork and food truck layout on a gray tank top

We’re always listening and taking your requests for new clip art. Leave us a comment and let us know what you’d like see next.

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