Editing Text and Clip Art in Easy View®

One of the basic functions of Easy View® is to easily customize your chosen layout by changing the text, clip art and color to meet your customer’s needs. In just a few clicks, a black and white pre-made layout can become a colorful piece of custom artwork that is just what your customer is looking for. The video below will guide you through customizing an Easy Prints® layout by changing the text, clip art and colors.

First, choose the Easy Prints layout you’d like to start with. If you’re not sure how to choose a layout, view our latest post Finding Your Layouts and Clip Art in Easy View®.  Once you click on the design you want to use it will automatically be shown on the art board in the Easy View designer.

If you know the color of apparel your customer has chosen, you can alter the Background color or Fabric color in the right-hand section of the designer to get the most accurate representation of the finished design.

The design is shown in black but can be changed to the color of ink you’d like printed. To change the design color, click on the Black square located under “Customize Layout” and “Edit Color” (shown below). The color choices will appear to select the color of your choice. The rest of the design will “show through” to the color of your “Background Color” chosen.

Edit Color

To change the text lines in the design, simply click on the text. Once selected you can change the text in the left-hand column under “Customize Layout” and “Edit Text”. Type in the text you need and click “OK”. Repeat this step for each line of text you want changed.(Shown in Video)

Another option would be to double-click on the selected text and a “Edit Text” box will appear where you can change the word (shown below)

Edit Text


Altering the clip art is just as simple. Click on the clip art in the layout. In the left-hand column under “Customize Layout” and “Edit Clip Art” click on “Swap” (shown below). From here you can browse the different Clip Art categories or Search for a specific clip art using a Keyword such as “Viking”. Click on the piece of clip art of your choice and it will automatically replace the previous clip art in the layout.

Edit Clip Art


Your customized design is now complete. In future blog posts, we will go into more detail about the different customization feature of the Easy View® designer. Stay tuned!

Finished design

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