Finding Your Layouts & Clip Art in Easy View

Hello Easy View® users! Yesterday, we covered how you will start your job in Easy View®; today, we’re going to go over how to browse through the 5,000+ layout and clip art options that are available to you.

Find layouts and clip art

Today, we are focusing on the areas that are not in gray to find layouts and clip art for your designs!

To start, once you are in the designer, choose Start a New Job in the upper left-hand corner, next to the Transfer Express® logo. You will see the options pictured above. We will focus on the first two categories, Choose Idea Book Layouts and Choose Idea Book Clip Art.

These are the same categories that you will find when browsing through layouts and clip art on the Transfer Express website. You can even choose the layout that you would like to use in the Easy View® designer directly from the Transfer Express® layout page.


The image above is what you will see when you choose the Choose Idea Book Layouts option. In this example, we have chosen the Sports category to show all of the sport subcategories. If you choose one of these subcategories, all of the options that you would usually see in that category when browsing the Transfer Express website will pop-up. Once these options pop-up, you can choose the layout that you would like to use in your design by clicking on it.


The same process is used when choosing a clip art to start your design. In the example above, Choose Idea Book Clip Art has been chosen and the Sports category has been selected once again. Note that the clip art options for this category are a little different than what was provided for the layouts, but they both match the options that are available on the Transfer Express® layout and clip art pages. For both clip art and layouts, note that there is also a search box next to the Select Category option. Use this box if you know the item number or would just prefer searching by keywords.

We hope that you are enjoying the new changes to Easy View as much as we are and that it helps your business! Come back again tomorrow to learn even more about the features available with the Easy View designer!

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