Free 6 x10 Platen for Your Heat Press is A Game Changer

One of the best benefits of the Hotronix Heat Presses are the interchangeable platens. In just a few seconds you can change out the full-size platen for a different size to make applying your custom transfers easier. My favorite heat press platen is the 6 x10, Shortstop platen. With the purchase of any heat press through the end of May 2019, the 6×10 platen is free along with a quick slip pad protector, a $170 value.

Here is what you can use the 6×10 platen on:

Youth Size T-shirts and Uniforms

When you are doing the flip side of a t-shirt with a seam or numbering the back of that uniform, the 6×10 platen proves invaluable. Threading this small shirt is easy and with the quick slip pad protector. You can also rotate the shirt without removing it from your press to heat print the other side.


Hoodies are one of the most popular custom printed apparel items but are filled with obstructions that can challenge the heat printer-the hood, strings and pocket all need be out of the print area to obtain a firm, even pressure to optimize your heat printing. The 6×10 platen fills that area that you will be heat printing perfectly.   It keeps the pocket and hood out of your way!



Custom Bags are another heat print item that are easy to sell but can be a challenge to heat print. Straps can be a challenge. The 6×10 platen allows you to slide the print area only onto the print area, keeping the straps out of the way. The platen can be turned either horizontal or vertical to best fit your bag.

The right equipment is the key to your successful t-shirt business. With the Hotronix heat press and the 6×10 interchangeable platen you have the perfect combination.  Watch this video to see its use in action!

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